You deserve the love that you so freely give to others!
Because, most often what has been missing from your own life is MORE of you!

MORE support, self-compassion and success

MORE meaningful connections, communication and confidence

MORE inner peace, patience, and purpose

MORE love, laughter, and living a life story that YOU choose!

and I want to share all of this with you as we take this journey together.


Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy

Maternal Health Therapy
Maternal Mental Health

Ketamine Psychotherapy
Ketamine Psychotherapy


Individual Therapy

Did you know that who we attract has a lot to do with who we are? Children begin to pick up on cues about how relationships work and who they need to be in order to receive approval from their parents.

If parents modeled a secure connection, they relax and trust that they are worthy of love.

But, what happens when parents are too busy meeting their own needs or have a physical illness, mental illness, addiction, or a lack of awareness?

Children learn to be self-sufficient, compliant, or invisible. They may hide and instead of reaching for others, have trust issues. Which leave them alone and feeling like they’re not good enough.

Although they may long to have a deep, intimate connection --- they may not know how or worse push their loved one away.

Is This your Story? •Your relationships aren't working and you wonder why you keep attracting people that take advantage of you

•You recognize that you seek everyone’s approval, but you don’t know how to stop

•You’re resentful and sometimes you lash out but it doesn’t get the point across

•You’re tired of putting your life on hold to put others first

You Can Re-write your Story! It's time to take control of your life.

It’s time, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment now.


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Maternal Mental Health

Motherhood is the most challenging job on the planet! Moms give so much, but…
Who nurtures the nurturer?
I am committed to honoring and empowering Moms to love and nurture themselves as they love and nurture their children.

For Moms in all Ages, Stages, and Phases of mothering because…

There is so much strength and vulnerability in women. Sometimes we don’t see or feel our worth… our beauty…

We may feel like we’re not enough.

And I refuse to allow you to suffer alone.

I’m here for you. I see you. I was you.

Whether you’re: •A brand new Mom struggling with postpartum, exhaustion, and desperate for support

•Lacking confidence because you were raised by an emotionally available Mother which causes you to second-guess yourself

•Busy Mom managing a home and running kids around while putting your needs last on the list

•Working Mom struggling with guilt that you can’t do it all the way you wish you could

•An Empty Nester having challenges (or really excited!) to transition to what’s next for you

Motherhood can certainly be isolating, exhausting, and bring out the worst in us…

It’s time to dump the guilt, blame, and shame

You are a loving, capable, and extraordinary mother

And it’s okay to get the support you need to flourish – not just as a Mom, but also as a Woman

It’s Your Turn! It’s Your Time!

You deserve all the good the world has to offer.

I’m here waiting for your call…


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Ketamine + Psychotherapy

Ketamine promotes neuroplasticity in the brain to allow your brain to change and adapt in a healthy way. Ketamine has been shown to have dramatic, fast-acting antidepressant effects, altering the mood and behavior of patients within hours.

Because ketamine promotes a dissociative experience, it is an ideal time for psychotherapy to explore situations and events that have been hidden beneath the surface. Ketamine + psychotherapy allows access into the unconscious mind which can reveal the roots of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and PTSD.

This powerful combination allows your brain to reset while helping you let go of what has been keeping you trapped in the past.

In collaboration with PointKetamine
Ketamine Psychotherapy
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Individual Therapy


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Therapy For Moms


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Ketamine Psychotherapy

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Amelia Mora-Mars

Hello, I’m Amelia

As a psychotherapist and Mom Coach, I incorporate my specialization in Attachment because I know that how we were raised as a child continues to affect our relationships both positively and negatively in adulthood. Larry and I have been married for 30+ years. We have six daughters and four sons. There is nothing I want more than to raise young adults who truly love and own their lives.

My unique niche is to serve women raised by emotionally unavailable mothers to heal their hearts and become the moms they always wanted so that their daughters will never question their love for them.

As a young mom, I too had to learn to overcome these emotional wounds caused by my relationship with my mother. Through my personal journey, I was able to forgive her and change the way I mothered my own children. As a result, I support moms to leave a lasting legacy of love for their children and generations to come.

I’m driven by passion and a powerful calling to serve women. My purpose is to inspire women around the world to step up to be true to themselves. Through therapy and coaching, I’ve been instrumental in helping women transform their lives by giving themselves permission to live their happiest and healthiest lives. And I Refuse to Let You Figure It Out Alone…

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- Marisa E.  

"Working with Amelia has forever changed my life. Most importantly, I've learned that my voice and my happiness matters. My well-being has not only benefited me, but also my daughters’ lives too. I’m thriving and that reflects on my business too. I’m beyond proud of myself and I couldn't have done it without Amelia's help!"

- Andre H.  

"I was a man who had lost sight of who I was. I was in a toxic marriage that had eroded much of my confidence. I truly feel that my success in my personal and business life has come from learning to realize the greatness of who I am. I can’t thank her enough. "

- Andrea M.  

"When my second oldest daughter would come home with an accomplishment from school….for the rest of the day she would seek words of praise over and over. About the third time, I would get mad at her. Amelia opened my eyes, ears, and heart to a whole new world of understanding my children as individuals. These tools have brought me closer to all four of them in ways I could not have imagined."

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